I walk many hours a day for enjoyment and exercise and was developing considerable foot pain in specific areas of my feet. Dr. Boroditsky targeted the problem immediately, recommending orthotics to relieve and support those areas. Quite a pronounced change when I first inserted the orthotics. Not sure I would like them but adapted very quickly and now my feet feel very comfortable and well supported. Pain is basically gone. I actually look forward to putting my shoes on because of the massaging feeling the orthotics give my feet. Excellent knowledge,high tech equipment and consistent follow up.

- Randy Bock

Dr. A. Boroditsky has been my podiatrist for four years. He has designed insoles with precise dimensions and has had these made for all my shoes at a reasonable cost. The results are a 100% fit, comfort, long life and absence of arthritic pain, especially for long walks. It is also easy to order further pairs at a later date and at the same cost. I would recommend this approach to anyone who suffers from arthritis, injuries and other disorders.

- F. H.

I have been a patient of Dr. Boroditsky’s for many years and have found him to always be highly professional and conscientious in his care. I have recommended him on a number of occasions and will continue to do so as I feel like he delivers high quality care, always makes time for me and always has a smile while he does so.

- Mr. N. Pemberton

I was unable to walk without pain, let alone exercise because my achilles tendon was so bad. I had ultrasound done and it showed the many micro tears that were present. I tried physio, icing and many more varieties of treatment, but they all seemed to help only temporarily. Then I decided to try Shockwave therapy with Dr. Boroditsky. Through a series of the 3 Shockwave treatments and the other recommendations that Dr. Boroditsky initiated, my achilles pain is virtually gone. I had been suffering with the pain and the inability to continue my normal routines for almost a year and the Shockwave treatments almost immediately healed my achilles tendon. I would absolutely recommend the shockwave treatments, but even more importantly, going to see Dr. Boroditsky for any foot related issues. He is so knowledgeable, respectable and takes the time to explain to his patients the mechanics of the problem and the course of action he wants to take. He gets to the root of the problem and pain and knows what treatment is needed! I cant thank Dr. Boroditsky enough for enabling me to get back to pain free walking and my exercising routine.

- Robin, Vancouver, BC

My mother has been treated by Dr. Boroditsky in the last 1.5 years for stubborn multiple foot warts she had for over 10 years. Prior to Dr. Boroditsky, she tried other doctors and treatments but none worked. Dr. Boroditsky’s treatment totally worked and now my mother is wart free! She can’t express enough her gratefulness for Dr. Borodistky and his wonderful team.
The healing journey was a pleasure because Dr. Borodisky is patient, kind and attentive. He listened to our concerns, explained the treatments/ procedures, and showed us how he worked on the warts. We are impressed by his expertise, skills and professionalism. His assistants are always friendly and supportive – together they form a strong and efficient team. Thank you Dr.Boroditsky and your team for the best medical experience we have!

- Anonymous

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Boroditsky for 15 years & can highly recommend him. Not only is he an expert at his craft, but he’s a warm friendly human being.

- Edward

I have been a patient of Dr. Boroditsky for many years and without exception every visit has been pleasant – a happily married man – proud of his family – and proud of his work.  I have never left after a visit without “happy feet”.

- Helen Rietchel

I’m a young(ish) guy and have had on/off challenges with my feet for years. Recently it has gotten to the point where over counter foot insoles with extra support were not being a very effective band-aid and it was stressing me out.Mobility is so important and it is limiting to be hindered with random periods of pain affecting my feet with overuse or even no noticeable activity causing it. Within a week of my first meeting with Dr. Boroditsky I was motoring along without pain. Before meeting with him, my feet challenges were steadily increasing, since seeing him they have been steadily decreasing. Dr. Boroditsky and his staff will take care of you and I cannot imagine getting better and more informed care for your feet anywhere else.

- Brian