Questions about Foot Care
Ask an Expert: Podiatrist
Podiatrist Dr. Alan Boroditsky answers question on foot care.
This week he focuses on common running and toe injuries.

Dangers of High Heels
The Dangers of High Heels

Misaligned Feet?
HyProCure could be the Answer.
Find out if your feet are misaligned by watching this simple video explaining a common condition called hyperpronation or overpronation. (HyProCure tv)

Essential Tips for Kids’ Shoe Shopping
Discover how to select a safe pair of shoes for children, including how to perform the “1,2,3 Test.” For more information on foot health, visit the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) website,

Dr. Boroditsky Talks Feet in Shaw TV Interview
Dr. Boroditsky gives interview on Shaw TV discussing Foot Pain and possible treatments & therapy for your Feet.