Enjoy Fall Walks

The cooler fall weather is the perfect time to take walks around the neighborhood, in the woods or a park to soak
in the beautiful changing colors. Don’t let foot pain or an injury stop you from enjoying the change of season.

Wear appropriate shoes.

Walking on uneven terrain can be strenuous on your feet. When taking long hikes in
the woods or in the park, a well-constructed hiking boot is best to support your feet, prevent muscle and tendon
strain, and help prevent ankle sprain injuries.

The right socks can help prevent blisters and fungal infections.

If the weather is wet and cold, our office
recommends synthetic socks to keep feet dry and reduce blister-causing friction. If a second layer is needed, wool
socks add warmth, absorb moisture and provide comfort.

Don’t ignore pain.

If your feet or ankles start to hurt on a walk or hike, take notice. Pain usually occurs
from overuse and fatigue. Start with shorter walks and build yourself up to longer hikes to prevent injury. If pain
continues or seems unusual, make an appointment with our office for an exam. Enjoy the beauty of the season and know that our office is here to help with any foot and ankle issues that may arise.