Parents…Watch Your Children’s Feet!

After a summer of sandals and bare feet, children are back in shoes for school this fall. Now, more than ever, parents need to watch their children’s feet for any changes that may signal problems.

Take a few minutes to watch your child performing everyday activities such as walking, running and playing sports. An irregular gait, frequent stumbling or limping can signal a problem. “Tired” legs, night pains and cramping are also signs to watch for, as is uneven wear on the soles of the shoes.The earlier foot and ankle problems are detected and corrected, the better. This is particularly true for childrenbecause they are still growing. If you notice any of these changes, make an appointment to visit our office for evaluation and diagnosis. We want your child to be able to fully participate in and enjoy all of theactivities the new school year offers!


Parents, Don’t Forget!

Sometimes children like a particular pair of shoes so much that they won’t tell you when they’ve become too tight. Check that “favorite” pair of shoes to make sure your child has not outgrown them! Tight shoes can cause many problems including ingrown nails, calluses and blisters.