Tailor’s Bunion – That Big Pain in Your Little Toe

Is your little toe a major pain? If so, you may have a tailor’s
bunion, which is similar to a bunion on your big toe, but not
as common. Tailor’s bunion is an enlargement at the end of
the little toe’s metatarsal bone—the long bone leading from
your foot to each toe. This condition is usually caused by an
inherited faulty mechanical structure of the foot—so if your
parents had tailor’s bunions, you may get them, too.
Tailor’s bunion got its name centuries ago, when tailors sat
cross-legged all day with the outsides of their feet rubbing
the ground, causing a painful bump at the base of their little
toe. Today, the symptoms of tailor’s bunions are usually
caused when shoes rub against the enlarged bone, irritating
the soft tissues beneath it, causing inflammation.
If you have a tailor’s bunion, you will notice redness, swelling
and pain at the site of the bump. We can treat it with shoe
modifications, oral medication, injection therapy, padding,
or icing.
There’s no need to live with the pain. If you have tailor’s
bunion, schedule an appointment with our office today.